Myth #3 “Keywords matter more than anything.”

Steve’s SEO tips Myth #3 “Keywords matter more than anything.”

Steve’s Google Tips #3


“Keywords matter more than anything.”

Amplified by the rise of mobile and voice search, search queries have become more and
more conversational. And Google’s updates over the past 2-3 years have focused on understanding these types of queries better through natural language processing, most notably with the rollout of Hummingbird in 2013.

The introduction of this new search algorithm, which began analyzing phrases instead relying on keywords alone marked a significant switch for the search giant from keyword to topic-focused SEO.

The takeaway here for marketers? The traditional view of “keywords” in search has changed.

Where a few years ago there were maybe 10-20 “big keywords” that would be sought after for ranking within a topic, there are now hundreds or thousands of long-tail variations that are regularly searched within a subject and change based on location.
Simply dominating a few words is no longer enough to produce successful results.

Instead of obsessing over keywords, we recommend marketers explore a topic cluster strategy.

This approach to content creation is centred around the reader, helping them discover the content they are searching for, regardless of the exact keywords they use.

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Keywords matter more than anything

Google tips #3

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