Seven uses of QR codes for a measurable marketing campaign

A change from my SEO tips for a sunny Friday, QR Codes

Seven uses of QR codes for a measurable marketing campaign

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How to utilize QR codes for a better marketing strategy that reaches, engages and converts your audience
With more solid and quicker technology, people are now using their devices more than ever. It’s all about obtaining everything at ease and getting the message across from one person to another or from a business to a customer. One of the trending ways in the marketing industry is the QR code.

QR (Quick Response) Codes can be read and interpreted by mobile devices. Marketers have used this in advertisements, publications, web pages, and any other marketing material. QR codes can contribute more information about the goods or service without sweat, and the data quickly goes to the user’s device.
QR codes promote communication and engagement through mobile phones. This type of marketing approach enables businesses to transfer information to the user. Now, users are done with anything slow and time-consuming. It’s all about being instantaneous and fast, especially in the realm of marketing.

Here are some ways you can maximize QR codes to observe the performance of your marketing campaign accurately:

1: Direct buyers to a landing page/website

Scanning a QR code can lead to a signup page or any landing page/website. This eliminates the trouble of going through the means of accessing the website and navigating your way around the page.
Make sure that you use an individual URL matched with your QR code to measure it accurately.

A change from my SEO tips for a sunny Friday, QR Codes

Seven uses of QR codes for a measurable marketing campaign

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2: Dial your business number

In business conversations, you’ll indeed engage and communicate with a crowd. If you use QR codes for your counter or site, engaged business partners can scan the code and receive your company details, such as your company contact number. Sometimes, you can even adjust the QR code to dial the number on the receiver’s phone.

3: Send a message

This is interesting because the user will only receive the information once the QR code has been scanned. Sending information through QR codes helps SMS marketing the most. You can use it for sales, user support, on-request product upgrades, and opt-in SMS registration.

4: Send an email

Much like posting messages, QR codes for transmitting emails will help you read and watch data for newsletters, email marketing, and your email’s attainment rates (e.g. open and bounce rates).
The user can also continue browsing the email on his mobile phone by scanning the QR code. In this way, your email will be available on any platform.

5: Download apps

Once you’ve scanned the QR code, it will lead you to the app’s download page and begin the download. Companies have used their creativity to make their QR codes eye-catching. Successful apps such as Angry Birds have used QR codes for their marketing operations.
Moreover, apps themselves sometimes use QR codes to promote engagement inside their community. Social media apps like Snapchat have designed unique QR codes for their users to add people efficiently.
In order with that, Spotify has lately published QR codes for their songs. Users can now distribute or promote their music by simply scanning the QR code, and it’ll automatically arrive on the other person’s device.

6: View business area

If your website customer wants to drop by your building, they can access their phone and scan the QR code on your website. Rather than manually searching for the location on online maps, the QR code can give precise directions to your business location.
Direct customers to social media pages
For instance, if a user liked your goods or service, they can follow your social media pages to stay in touch. Sometimes, they can even obtain a discount or promo if they followed your social media through that identical QR code.

7: Shopping and E-commerce

Probably the most common way to use QR codes, companies usually use them for reductions and promos. The customer can also receive the receipt or menu through his phone by giving a unique QR code.
With all these in mind, you can accurately set up QR codes for your marketing strategy as long as you give a clear call-to-action (CTA). The user shouldn’t have to presume how to use your QR code.
You can run many tests on different devices and applications to check if the QR code gives accurate customer data. If the trial fails, then using QR codes will be for nothing.
There are also some limitations when using QR codes, such as internet connectivity. When utilizing QR codes, check whether such a situation allows QR codes to be useful.
QR codes benefit a lot of businesses. Aside from avoiding time and energy, it also enables you to accurately measure your marketing campaign, as QR codes present data that you want. They go through your operation and can be further explored through your analytics. Typically, you must set up precise metrics such as position, time, and recurrence to guarantee the success of your promotional operations.


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