Day 10 Use anchor texts

How to Increase Your Traffic With SEO in 30 Days

DAY 10

Use anchor texts

Anchor texts describe a link in detail and inform the user about what to expect from the link.

Ideally, the corresponding keyword of the landing page should always be used in the anchor text of internal links.

The more pages use the same keyword to point to a subpage, the more signals the search engine will receive indicating that this landing page must be very relevant for this keyword. This in turn means that the page will rank better for this and other similar keywords.

Tips for better anchor text:

• Try to use the same anchor text when you link to a landing page.

• Make sure the anchor text matches the content of the landing page.

• Avoid using non-descriptive anchor texts (e.g., “here”, “more”, etc.) in your internal links and focus more on keywords.


Some best practices for anchor text

Useranchor texts

Day 10 Use anchor texts

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