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Best website developer near me

website developer near me

Every decision that you make in life (especially choosing a local web designer), you have almost unlimited options available, the internet has made finding what you want more straightforward than ever before. Using Google, you type in what you’re looking for, in this example “website developer near me” and within seconds, you’re given a plethora of results right at your fingertips. Simple!

So how do you progress? A local company that comes up high in Google results, or a web design company at the other end of the country with a paid advert at the top of your search results? How do you make that choice?

You know you need a web design, but choosing the right company for your business will be based on many factors, including whether they are local or not.

Why choose a local web developer?

There are many reasons why “supporting local” has advantages, and for some, this will be a significant part of the decision-making process, but in reality, it comes down to where you feel comfortable.

Any web designer should be able to work with you, via email, telephone or Zoom, no matter where they’re based. At Caged Fish, we regularly work on projects with clients right across the UK and internationally. Getting the website you want shouldn’t matter whether your website designer is local or not

The plus points of using a local web company

1) Face-to-face meetings

For many people, face-to-face meetings are how they prefer to do business. If you’re local, then this is simple. You can arrange to sit down and go over everything you require, bring along any ideas and documents and get a good feel for your local developer. This becomes a little more difficult if you’re looking at a developer 1000 miles away.

2) Understanding the local market

If your business sells products and services locally, then working with a local company can bring added positives. They will know what the area is like and who your potential customers are likely to be. This first-hand knowledge can help position your website to the right audience.

3) Local testimonials 

By using a local company, they will have many customers and websites which they have created. A bonus of this is you’ll be able to see who and what they have created and even contact your designer’s clients directly to get some feedback. You will also be able to ask businesses that you know if they have heard of any local web companies that are great to work with. Word of mouth becomes difficult if you’re on the other side of the world

4) Business networking with your local designer

Also what’s also great about working with a local company is that they are already established within the local area by other companies. Being able to build local relationships and help each other out through opportunities when they come along. We have had many clients over the last 20 years we have recommended to other clients, and won them other work. Also, we have engaged in other projects on these recommendations from our clients also.

Factors that will need to be considered when choosing are price, skill and timelines, but working locally may bring benefits to your next website project.

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website developer near me

We cover all local areas, but hey, we’ve worked with companies and far away as Chicago

Best website developer near me

Website developer near me