SEO Market Harborough April 2021 Google tips

SEO Market Harborough tips April 2021

Google in 2021

Anyone who has worked with a website would have heard the term Mobile First.

However, in the last three years, Google has announced a new phrase we should all familiarize ourselves with: AI-First.

This has meant that Google has given us some new updates, which can hint as to why we should no longer think SEO in the same way as ten years ago (keywords in title, headings) instead, think contextual and more user-oriented text.

The latest major AI update that Google made is the BERT update.

BERT is a machine learning algorithm that, based on large amounts of text, has been trained to check a piece of text and find the best corresponding matching answer.

But what does that mean for SEO?

This means that Google, at the same level as a human being, can find the best answer to a question. This means that, to some extent, we can no longer trick the search engine with words and the length of the text.

Google processes text in a totally different way than it did many years ago.

So does this mean that you can write a text of Ten words and rank high in the search results?

Most likely not. Although a word count is NOT something you should spend a lot of energy on, you still need to write content that is relevant and that gives a contextual meaning.

So in summary

Just write correct engaging text, think about the user and not just your google rankings, and success will come

Also, be patient; this takes time

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