Add an appealing favicon

Day 26 Add an appealing favicon Memorable

How to Increase Your Traffic With SEO in 30 Days

Day 26 Add an appealing favicon

Favicons are more than website cosmetics but branding opportunities and web traffic amplifiers. Why? Because in mobile search results, Google displays favicons on the SERPs. That’s why having an attractive

logo or icon goes a long way in affecting your clickthrough rates, just because users gravitate towards it.

Behind the scenes, Google also measures whether your favicon is high contrast, quality resolution, and easily visible. Getting it right will add a few percentage points to your search success, and not

optimizing accordingly means leaving money on the table.

Tips for adding winning favicons:

• Ensure that the favicon file and your website are crawlable.

• Maintain consistent favicons across your entire site for a ‘branded’ look.

• Format favicons at multiples of 48px square size (e.g., 96x96px, 144x144px).

• Test visual impact at 16x16px (display size on mobile Google SERPs).

• Don’t change your favicon URL.

• Study favicons from popular domains to see what works.


How to make a favicon, Use this free favicon generator

Add an appealing favicon

Day 26 Add an appealing favicon

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