Create unique headlines

Day 16 Create unique headlines

How to Increase Your Traffic With SEO in 30 Days

Day 16

Create unique headlines

Headlines on your website usually have two functions. One is to give the content an organized structure, and the other is to encourage users to read on. Headlines are marked with h-tags in the HTML source code.

Tips for creating unique headlines:

• Only use one h1 headline per page.

• Use the main keyword of the respective page in the h1 headline.

• Arrange subheadings in chronological order (h1, h2, h3, etc.).

• Do not use h-tags to format the font size. Instead, use CSS.

• When possible, use thematically complementary keywords in subheadings (h2, h3, etc.).

• Keep headlines as short as possible and delete all unnecessary words.

• Use elements like numbers, bullets, and images to attract attention and make your content easily skimmable.


What is a Heading tag and how to use them

Create unique headlines

Day 16 Create unique headlines

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