You have a website, what other ways can you market your company on the internet?

There are numerous different ways to market your products and/or services, the principles for these are all pretty similar. What Caged Fish can offer regarding web marketing is trusted, well established, results producing campaigns.

The web is a big old place these days and ever changing, it can be quite scary. To some, it is part of the dark arts, meant for only the brave or foolhardy. At Caged Fish, we can help shine a light on this seemingly dark place and help you to understand what is required within your web marketing strategy and how to achieve results, whether that is via a website, through social media or via eflyers.

mailchimp-logoThe time for keeping in contact with your customers has never been easier or as cost effective as it has with the advent of eflyers or enewsletters.

You may ask yourself ‘why should I use eflyers as a means of staying in touch with my customers’? Well, here’s 4 very good reasons

  1. Cost
    First of all, consider this…
    To flyer 10,000 people/businesses you would have to have designed and printed 10,000 flyers. If you can get this done for £250 you’re doing well. Then you’ve got to get these to your prospective customer, if you were to send them 2nd class (50p), that would be £5,000. As you can see this is becoming reasonably expensive. You could have your flyer as an insert in some publication or other, but the chances of your target customer seeing it are greatly diminished. Compare these prices to e-marketing costs of around a penny per email and it becomes a no-brainer – £5,250 vs £100.
  2. Response time
    The next reason is quite compelling too. After sending out direct mails by post it will take at least several days before you get any response. With e-flyers, the recipient can immediately click a link, contact you or take other action. The response time and rate is so immediate that sometimes, depending on your call to action, you’ll have to plan your timing so that you’re able to react as soon as the E-newsletter is distributed.
  3. No waste
    If a recipient doesn’t wish to receive your e-newsletters any more they can click a link and unsubscribe. How would your postal mailings say they didn’t require them anymore?
  4. Tracking & Statistics
    The added beauty of marketing by e-flyers is that you can track who opened your email, when they opened it, what links were clicked and at what time. This is great for examining how effective your campaign was and who was interested in what.

Caged Fish can offer a full eflyer service, from design to distribution, and through to reporting. We regularly send out 10’s of thoasands of eflyers for companies and are well versed in the laws of opt in subscriptions and the managing of data sets.

wordpress-logoBlogging for business is fast becoming a necessity for most companies with a website. Here are a few reasons why you should consider having Caged Fish create you one.

  1. Brand Building 
    An extremely big part of any marketing exercise is brand building and recognition. The use of a blog can kickstart this and increase your brand awareness.
  2. One-on-one communications
    Allowing comments on your blog posts creates an interaction with your customers that’s builds loyalty and trust. Plus it allows you to learn about your customers, what they like about you and what they don’t.
  3. Public Relations (PR)
    A blog can help you build relations with your audience, maintaining this is the key to a thriving business. Letting your customers know the good and the bad, can build trust and alleviate any problems. For example; letting your ecommerce customer know that there’s a problem with your courier today and when it will be fixed.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Blogs are the perfect way to make Google love your site and reference you for targeted key phrases.
  5. Free
    Once built, blogging is free and who doesn’t like free stuff?
  6. Bloggers are viewed as authorities
    Blogging creates the perception of the author being an authority on a subject, ie: you know your market sector and your blogs can be a proof of it. Again this builds trust
  7. Company promotions and news updates
    you can quickly and easily highlight any offers you may have or ground breaking news.
  8. Put a face to your company
    Blogs can be very personal things and can take the facelessness aspects from a company. People are more likely to buy something from someone they know and like, blogs help build the personal aspect of this trust.

Caged Fish can build and install your blog for you. We can also advise and help with what content works. If you’d like to have a riendly chat or learn more about what blogging can do for you and your company, get in touch with us, either via our contact form or give us a call on 01858 469988.