There are many pieces to the ecommerce jigsaw puzzle. With over 10 years experience and after building numerous, successful sites, Caged Fish can help put thses pieces together with you.

Ecommerce, selling on the web couldn’t be more attractive.

Caged Fish have built a lot of very successful e-commerce stores and have extensive knowledge of the ecommerce environment, with us being an Actinicsoftware reseller, now has never been a better time to venture into e-commerce. Caged Fish can take all of the pain out of this process and offer very affordable, visual, solutions, from small, minimum product e-stores, to fully functional, powerful, database driven sites. All aspects of building the store are handled by Caged Fish including secure ordering facilities and if needs be, online verification of credit cards.

So, if you have a product or 1000’s of products to sell and are a little daunted by setting up your online store, get in touch, we’re here to help. Feel free to give us a call on 01858 469988 or send us a query via our contact form HERE

Ecommerce – things to consider.

Caged Fish are approached a lot by clients who wish to set up online stores, after they realise an ecommerce venture is not simply about a website, we help them through the process of organising their new business. Below are a few things to consider before talking to any web design company about your ecommerce project.

• Product range
How are your products categorised? Do they have unique identity codes (SKU’s)? How will you handle size and colour variations?
• Product imagery
Where will the images for your products be sourced from? Will you have to have them professionally shot? Can you source product images from your suppliers? Will there be different shots for different colour variations?
• Delivery
How will you calculate delivery? Will it be based on weight, cart amount, size, distance or a combination of these?
• Payment gateway
Will you be taking payments via credit cards? Do you have the right bank account to allow this, ie a merchant account? Will you be using on online verification house or something simpler such as PayPal?
• Stock control
Will you be running stock control on your site? Will this stock control be linked in with an existing system?

So, there’s a few things to consider before setting out on your ecommerce adventure. If these seem a little daunting, get in touch, we’re here to help. Feel free to give us a call on 01858 469988 or send us a query via our contact form HERE