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Here at caged fish, we pride ourselves on working with clients at all stages of their web journey.

Our very first client, David Granger Design is still with us today!

That’s over 20 years and several rebuilds!


So what’s next?

As Kevin Costner wrongly said in the field of dreams “build it, and they will come”.

I’m afraid building your site is only the start of your journey.



How can we help?

Here at Caged Fish, we believe in empowering our clients to help them achieve success with their project.

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How do we do this?

We offer our clients …


On all aspects of content management, either in person or via a comprehensive suite of online training videos.


We supply a collection of online videos covering the hidden secrets of SEO.


If needed, we can meet up to discuss analytics and aspects of your web marketing.


We can help with your email marketing campaigns.

How we help

We offer all our clients an option to add our care package for complete peace of mind!

Peace of mind

Websites are like any machine, they need to be updated and serviced – you wouldn’t run your car for years without an oil change! Keep your website updated and stay secure.

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Our Care Package includes…

  • Weekly back-ups to an offsite location
    (Amazon S3 cloud)
  • Any site restored as needed
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Regular WordPress core updates
  • Regular Framework updates
  • Weekly Malware scan
  • Monthy update Report
    (plugin status, Framework status, WP status, Security scan)
  • Priority service in the event of your site being hacked or subject to malware
  • Installation of iThemes Security Pro
    (value £100 pa)

Stop worrying about your website and run your business!

As a part of our commitment to our clients, we also have a dedicated support portal.


Available – Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM


We offer nothing but the very best in website design!

Take a look at some of our latest website designs below

Epic Rally
Epic Rally

Epic Rally

Website Design, Build

Jute coffee
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Jute coffee

Branding, eCommerce, website design, build, training

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PK models

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Brookside dental
Brookside dental

Brookside dental

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Gummers of King Street
Gummers of King Street

Gummers of King Street

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Ecomm, website design,
email marketing, website support



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