Steve’s SEO tips Myth #11

Steve’s SEO tips Myth #11

Steve’s SEO tips Myth 11

The more pages I have the better

Some people have the notion that if you have more pages, you will get more traffic to your website. Just like link-building, creating content just to have more pages isn’t enough.

Make sure you are focusing not just on quantity, but on quality, too. If you don’t have good content, you will not rank well and all those pages you created won’t help your cause.

In fact, when asked about the top three things that help to make a website more discoverable, Google WebMaster Trends Analyst Martin Splitt started with content good.

“You have to have really good content. And that means you have content that serves a purpose for the user. It’s something that users need and/or want,” Splitt says.

Of course, logically you would think that the larger the footprint of your website, the better you would rank – but that’s simply not true.

The more pages I have the better

Google tips #11

“The more pages I have the better.”

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