Day 19 Recycle your content

How to Increase Your Traffic With SEO in 30 Days

Day 19 Recycle your content

Content republishing offers webmasters and SEOs an opportunity to restructure and update content that already performs well for their audience. At Caged Fish, we call this process historical optimization.

When you republish content, you can’t just publish the same thing and make it look new.

You need to update the content with fresh statistics, examples, up-to-date facts, or even fresh formats to make it more relevant for your audience.

Why is this so great for you? The content is already there, so it’s much less effort for you than creating brand new content.

Search engines often reward you for updating old content. But remember, you only get the reward for actually making the content more relevant.

Tips for recycling

• Regularly check your website’s KPIs e.g., dwell time, traffic, and scroll behaviour.

• Look for your highest-ranking content and check to see if it’s up-to-date.

• Make sure you also modify your meta elements e.g., title and description when modifying your content.

• Examples of ways you can republish your content:

• Creating video tutorials from existing content.

• Updating old blog posts or turning them into gated offers.

• Creating listicles based on information on a blog post.

• Rephrase a press release with a blog post.

Recycle your content

Day 19 Recycle your content

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