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Mince Pie 2018

Mince Pie 2018
Aldi - Specially Selected1821182533p82
Asda - Extra Special - Crumble2824161133p79
Tesco Finest3125293028p115
CO-OP irresistable2929302433p112
Lidl Deluxe - Butterscotch2122232233p88
Sainsburys - Iced Tops2020191627p75
Sainsburys - Taste The Difference2617283033p101
Morrisons - Shortcrusts916191624p61
Mr Kiplings1711142117p63
Aldi Black Forest107102233p49
Aldi Salted Caramel2627162833p97
Tesco Lattice Topped2329252933p106
Aldi Frangipane2622202533p93
Farndon Fields3231322450p119
Lidl Deluxe2222292623p99
CLIENT - Constantina’s home-made2024931FREE84
M&S Traditional2823251830p97
M&S Iced Top2522221833p87
M&S Frangipane2322272242p94
Sainsburys Deep Filled2121252117p88
Tesco Iced Top131461820p51
Sainsburys Shortcrust (x4)25p
Mince Pie 2018