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Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

A popular website design platform is Wix. Their ads are all over the internet. This great tool that handles all the details when creating a site is sponsored by influencers. There’s more to it than that, though.

Wix is an excellent site builder for beginners. Nevertheless, in terms of business website design, it’s definitely not a comprehensive solution.

When designing a website, attention must be paid to details such as optimizing landing pages, niche targeting, etc.

In Wix, these aren’t given enough consideration.

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

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1. If you use Wix, it makes your brand look cheap

Wix caters to those who need a free or extremely low-cost website. As a result, the company offers only premade templates for users.

Business looks generic and unprofessional, and customers will immediately wonder if you’re legit.

However, it has certain limitations. You can only use 1GB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage. Honestly?

At least 30GB of bandwidth is needed if your website gets 500 daily visitors and each visitor opens two pages.

In addition, Wix templates don’t offer a customized experience to customers due to the fact that they’re designed for a wide audience.

2. Using Wix can be detrimental to your SEO efforts.

In a recent study, Ahrefs compared Wix SEO to WordPress SEO. Ahrefs analyzed 3.2 million Wix sites and 3.2 million WordPress sites.

The study found that 46.1% of WordPress sites got at least one organic visitor a month, compared with just 1.4 per cent of Wix sites. The difference is enormous.

Wix’s organic traffic does not prove that it is superior to WordPress, of course. However, Wix lost the match when it was discovered that WordPress had more referring domains than Wix.

There are several major SEO shortcomings with Wix:

Limited URLs for posts.
Inability to edit permalinks. Weix uses /post/ for the blog post URLs.

.htaccess and Robots.txt limitations.
For large websites, you cannot modify files such as Robots.txt and .htaccess. Ensure only quality pages are indexed by Google by instructing Google Bot which pages it should index and which it shouldn’t. Canonical URLs are easily fixed and redirection is made more efficient with the .htaccess file
Ideal for SEO experts.

Jscript rendering.

In Wix, web pages are rendered using JavaScript, which cannot be indexed by search engines without rendering.
The user must also enable JavaScript for their browser in order for this element to work. Wix’s design language is flawed in this regard. If the tool a business website is using doesn’t allow them to do that, then it’s hard for them to target their clients. Javascript causes Wix sites to load slowly.

Limited multilingual capability.
Would you consider multilingual blogging? To rank better in the respective country, SEMrush writes blog posts in Deutsch, English, Deutsch, and French. On Wix, this is not possible. Wix doesn’t support the hreflang tag as of this writing.

Using Wix can be detrimental to your SEO efforts

3. The Complexity of Web Design is Simplified by Wix

Wix’s primary problem is that it assumes that everybody can design and create a website.

Obviously, this isn’t true.

It seems Wix templates may satisfy all goals and goals, and they do not.

More and more people and companies are hiring UX specialists to make their websites more user-friendly and valuable.

User-centred design (UCD) enables UX specialists to make design choices that solve issues and improve the user experience. I guarantee Wix doesn’t offer this service.

It would be unnecessary to hire UX specialists and organizations to build out sites if Wix could satisfy the above expectations.

Wix is the only program that will be selected by all companies regardless of their size. It is more affordable for companies.

In their view, they want something that speaks for their end customers; they understand the value of an excellent user experience, and you should as well.

Wix’s templates are not professionally designed, with your end goals in mind; they’re designed fast, without imagination, and made in massive amounts to give you all these options.

Almost all small businesses fail because their sites do not fulfil their end goals, of converting earnings. You can be certain yours will also.

4. There are many hidden costs with Wix.

Many small businesses and users can afford Wix.

The premium plan costs just £7.50 per month.

Even the highest-paid premium plans are only £27 a month, which is surprisingly cheap.

Wix doesn’t make it clear that all the prices are yearly until you scroll down and read the small text that states, “Displayed prices are for yearly subscriptions, paid in full at the time of purchase.”eo.

5. Wix does not make it easy to migrate website data

Running a website involves a lot of data migration. A significant problem can arise if even one thing goes wrong. There are glitches that obliterate the images associated with the website, and they must be manually reinserted.

Regardless of how large a business website may be, mishaps cannot be tolerated.

Wix falls short in this regard. Users have no convenient way to move their content. The platform intentionally prevents users from moving their content. It’s not only Apple that does it.

In contrast, if you plan to switch platforms or overhaul your website, Wix will make it difficult.

To what extent?

6. See Wix’s Terms and Conditions.

I think Wix’s free web hosting service is a good idea, allowing you to focus on more important things, such as building your own website.

Despite this, your account may be suspended at any time and without any notice – at any time.

7. Poor Customer Support at Wix

A company’s core value is to provide customers with excellent service that leaves them feeling respected and valued.

Providing excellent customer service may require more time, effort, and money, but you’ll see a jump in sales when you invest in good customer support since your customers will spread the word for you.

You will have to spend six times more money to get a new customer than to keep an existing one!

Check out Trustpilot’s review of Wix – 64% of the reviews are 1-star.

Poor Customer Support at Wix

8. Payments and eCommerce.

Your credit card provider provides a payment gateway for all of your credit card transactions.
By using a payment gateway, a customer can use their credit card to make a payment through an eCommerce website.

The Wix Payment Gateway for eCommerce has been reported by dozens of people on Trustpilot.

Furthermore, Wix holds your payouts for verification for a longer period of time, and sometimes, it will freeze your account


An increasing number of consumers (often with little technical expertise) can create a website in just a few hours with all-in-one website builders, such as Wix.

Furthermore, Wix is not attractive to many modern-day small business owners because of its price tag, SEO, flexibility, and requirements.

Despite being an excellent platform for casual and blogger amateurs, Wix suffers from several flaws making it unsuitable for business use.

When they start growing and getting some SEO knowledge, they regret the decisions, but it’s too late to move on to another platform.

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website