Gummers of King Street

Gummers of King Street

Gummers of King Street

Fresh and speedy

A changed business model in changing times, Gummers of King Street

We loved doing this job. Sean contacted us with a problem, his grocery business suffered under the COVID 19 lockdown. He needed to take his business online, he created a Wix site which caused more problems than a little. He approached the CF boys and we developed a new fantastic system.

  • Limited orders per day
  • Delivery with pre-defined area
  • Integrated with new payment gateway
  • CSV order download of days delivery, integration into route planning software, reduced his route planning daily from 3 hours to 30 mins

Keeping it fresh

they said...

‘ Great to help a business in difficult times ’

Great success this, taking a company online and it being successful is what we are all about.

Gummers of King Street


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