Email marketing Leicestershire

Email marketing Leicestershire

Email marketing Leicestershire

When done correctly, email is one of the most potent elements in the marketing mix. The problem is, it’s often poorly done in a thrown together manner. In this ever-changing world, we have constant access to our emails on our computers, tablets and phones, but as a marketer, how do you stand out from the torrent of spam that heads into our inboxes every day?

Good email marketing is three main things: be relevant, be unobtrusive and be timely. 

It’s the one piece of email that you look forward to reading – whether that’s the top money-saving tips for the week or the surprise sale at your favourite shop that you’ve been unknowingly waiting for.

 At the right time, in the right place.

The main reason why so many email campaigns fail is that they’re too sales-driven. A hard-sell email campaign is about as welcome as those guys that catch you on the street and ask if you want to sign up for stuff. If they get one sale for a thousand people, they disrupt; they think the ends justify the means. Please don’t let your marketing strategy be like this!

Email marketing strategy is all about nurturing your leads; you shouldn’t expect massive returns from the first campaign, but if done correctly, your leads will flourish into a bunch of stable, happy relationships. The way forward, EH?

This is why we put so much importance on the content we put out there – is it going to be attractive? Will it stand out? Will it be useful to both the consumer and ourselves? Using industry drifts and by getting to know your readers, we learn what it is your consumers want and what time it’s best to show it to them.


Email can be a gruelling and time-consuming task which is where automation comes into it. Depending on how you get your data in the first place, that data needs cleaning. 

 Create, send, test repeat

We can create stunning emails that complement your brand. Once our team are finished, any inbox will be pleased to have them!

Of course, we’d be joking if we said we got it right first time round – we might get near, but there’s always room for development. That’s why every one of our campaigns is tested to discover the way to success. Each email is tested, experimenting with the subject line, the layout, the message and even the time of day. All of this data gets fed back into our learning system to enhance coming campaigns.

We can also handle the background methods too such as website sign-up forms, list administration and opt-in methods, ensuring you’re compliant with the latest UK laws.

Email marketing Leicestershire

Email marketing Leicestershire

Don’t forget about the dreaded GDPR

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Here are a few tips

Clean and simple design

Every touchpoint your visitors encounter form a customer’s overall impression of your site and brand. 

Just as you take care of the design of your site, the look of your emails is vital to create a cohesive shopping experience. 

Creating simple, easy to understand emails using legible fonts and relevant images allow visitors to instantly grasp an email’s key message.

At first glance, a visitor should be able to recognise your brand and understand what you’re saying. Keep your email design simple and clean, and always on-brand.

Compelling copy

Keeping a regular tone of voice throughout all of your communications guarantees your brand is recognisable to audiences. 

Regardless of your brand’s tone, be sure to keep your copy simple and to the intent. Don’t over embellish things with unnecessary information that clutters the design – this will put a consumer off viewing your email right away. 

Say what you want to in as few lines as achievable using simple vocabulary and short sentences. Make your text as easy to read as likely so visitors can get the gist of your email in just a glance.

Well-crafted subject lines

Customers receive a considerable amount of emails each day, and most end up unread in their trash. 

Make sure yours is one of the few they click on by crafting an appealing, clickable subject line. 

If your open rate is poor, it’s worth visiting the types of subject lines you’re using and seeking out new styles and formats to see which your customers react best to.

Try phrasing your subject line as a topic or personalising with a customer’s name. Keep it short; ten words or fewer leads to perform the best, and use emojis sparingly.

Clear call to action

Make it totally clear what you want your customers to do next with clear calls to actions. 

With exact anchor text, you can show your users the next step to take after reading your email. This could be a link to recover to their saved basket, or to visit a particular product page or to complete feedback. 

Whatever the goal, make it really easy for visitors to complete the action with ease to boost your CTR and increase your eCommerce email conversions.

Check your repetition

Barrage your customers with regular emails, and they will unsubscribe.

You need to strategically time your email and deliver at a suitable regularity to maximise engagement. 

With email automation, you can program a series of emails to send at set intervals over a certain time. This will mean your customers aren’t getting emails too often to feel inundated but are continually being reminded of your brand. 

Just make sure you stop broadcasting your specific email campaigns after a client performs the coveted action to avoid irritating a customer.