Day 8 Standardize your URL structure

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Standardize your URL structure

The URLs on your website are like signposts to the content your users want to access. The more uniform the website structure is, the faster users can get to their destination. Creating a positive user experience helps reduce bounce rates, and increases dwell time.

A uniform URL structure also helps search engines crawl your website faster. The faster bots can access all URLs, the more pages they can go through and index on its limited budget for crawling each website.

A uniform directory structure also means using descriptive URLs. These help users orient themselves within your website. Descriptive URLs are also suited for marketing actions or sharing content on social networks since the URLs already provide clues

Tips for standardizing

your URL structure:

• Check if you are using descriptive URLs.

• Check the click paths and reduce the URL structure to a maximum of four directory levels.

• Make sure that a directory logically points to all its parent folders, e.g., subfolder/product.html

• Use 301 redirects to redirect old URLs to the new URLs whenever you make changes.


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Standardize your URL structure

Standardize your URL structure

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