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Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

A popular website design platform is Wix. Their ads are all over the internet. This great tool that handles all the details when creating a site is sponsored by influencers. There’s more to it than that, though.

Wix is an excellent site builder for beginners. Nevertheless, in terms of business website design, it’s definitely not a comprehensive solution.

When designing a website, attention must be paid to details such as optimizing landing pages, niche targeting, etc.

In Wix, these aren’t given enough consideration.

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

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1. If you use Wix, it makes your brand look cheap

Wix caters to those who need a free or extremely low-cost website. As a result, the company offers only premade templates for users.

Business looks generic and unprofessional, and customers will immediately wonder if you’re legit.

However, it has certain limitations. You can only use 1GB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage. Honestly?

At least 30GB of bandwidth is needed if your website gets 500 daily visitors and each visitor opens two pages.

In addition, Wix templates don’t offer a customized experience to customers due to the fact that they’re designed for a wide audience.

2. Using Wix can be detrimental to your SEO efforts.

In a recent study, Ahrefs compared Wix SEO to WordPress SEO. Ahrefs analyzed 3.2 million Wix sites and 3.2 million WordPress sites.

The study found that 46.1% of WordPress sites got at least one organic visitor a month, compared with just 1.4 per cent of Wix sites. The difference is enormous.

Wix’s organic traffic does not prove that it is superior to WordPress, of course. However, Wix lost the match when it was discovered that WordPress had more referring domains than Wix.

There are several major SEO shortcomings with Wix:

Limited URLs for posts.
Inability to edit permalinks. Weix uses /post/ for the blog post URLs.

.htaccess and Robots.txt limitations.
For large websites, you cannot modify files such as Robots.txt and .htaccess. Ensure only quality pages are indexed by Google by instructing Google Bot which pages it should index and which it shouldn’t. Canonical URLs are easily fixed and redirection is made more efficient with the .htaccess file
Ideal for SEO experts.

Jscript rendering.

In Wix, web pages are rendered using JavaScript, which cannot be indexed by search engines without rendering.
The user must also enable JavaScript for their browser in order for this element to work. Wix’s design language is flawed in this regard. If the tool a business website is using doesn’t allow them to do that, then it’s hard for them to target their clients. Javascript causes Wix sites to load slowly.

Limited multilingual capability.
Would you consider multilingual blogging? To rank better in the respective country, SEMrush writes blog posts in Deutsch, English, Deutsch, and French. On Wix, this is not possible. Wix doesn’t support the hreflang tag as of this writing.

Using Wix can be detrimental to your SEO efforts

3. The Complexity of Web Design is Simplified by Wix

Wix’s primary problem is that it assumes that everybody can design and create a website.

Obviously, this isn’t true.

It seems Wix templates may satisfy all goals and goals, and they do not.

More and more people and companies are hiring UX specialists to make their websites more user-friendly and valuable.

User-centred design (UCD) enables UX specialists to make design choices that solve issues and improve the user experience. I guarantee Wix doesn’t offer this service.

It would be unnecessary to hire UX specialists and organizations to build out sites if Wix could satisfy the above expectations.

Wix is the only program that will be selected by all companies regardless of their size. It is more affordable for companies.

In their view, they want something that speaks for their end customers; they understand the value of an excellent user experience, and you should as well.

Wix’s templates are not professionally designed, with your end goals in mind; they’re designed fast, without imagination, and made in massive amounts to give you all these options.

Almost all small businesses fail because their sites do not fulfil their end goals, of converting earnings. You can be certain yours will also.

4. There are many hidden costs with Wix.

Many small businesses and users can afford Wix.

The premium plan costs just £7.50 per month.

Even the highest-paid premium plans are only £27 a month, which is surprisingly cheap.

Wix doesn’t make it clear that all the prices are yearly until you scroll down and read the small text that states, “Displayed prices are for yearly subscriptions, paid in full at the time of purchase.”eo.

5. Wix does not make it easy to migrate website data

Running a website involves a lot of data migration. A significant problem can arise if even one thing goes wrong. There are glitches that obliterate the images associated with the website, and they must be manually reinserted.

Regardless of how large a business website may be, mishaps cannot be tolerated.

Wix falls short in this regard. Users have no convenient way to move their content. The platform intentionally prevents users from moving their content. It’s not only Apple that does it.

In contrast, if you plan to switch platforms or overhaul your website, Wix will make it difficult.

To what extent?

6. See Wix’s Terms and Conditions.

I think Wix’s free web hosting service is a good idea, allowing you to focus on more important things, such as building your own website.

Despite this, your account may be suspended at any time and without any notice – at any time.

7. Poor Customer Support at Wix

A company’s core value is to provide customers with excellent service that leaves them feeling respected and valued.

Providing excellent customer service may require more time, effort, and money, but you’ll see a jump in sales when you invest in good customer support since your customers will spread the word for you.

You will have to spend six times more money to get a new customer than to keep an existing one!

Check out Trustpilot’s review of Wix – 64% of the reviews are 1-star.

Poor Customer Support at Wix

8. Payments and eCommerce.

Your credit card provider provides a payment gateway for all of your credit card transactions.
By using a payment gateway, a customer can use their credit card to make a payment through an eCommerce website.

The Wix Payment Gateway for eCommerce has been reported by dozens of people on Trustpilot.

Furthermore, Wix holds your payouts for verification for a longer period of time, and sometimes, it will freeze your account


An increasing number of consumers (often with little technical expertise) can create a website in just a few hours with all-in-one website builders, such as Wix.

Furthermore, Wix is not attractive to many modern-day small business owners because of its price tag, SEO, flexibility, and requirements.

Despite being an excellent platform for casual and blogger amateurs, Wix suffers from several flaws making it unsuitable for business use.

When they start growing and getting some SEO knowledge, they regret the decisions, but it’s too late to move on to another platform.

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

Your eCommerce website should be designed for success

Your eCommerce website should be designed for success


Your website is crucial to your eCommerce business. The majority of eCommerce businesses don’t have a physical store where customers can visit.

Your website will therefore have to handle a considerable amount of heavy lifting, whether it’s telling the story of your brand, convincing customers to buy your products or services, or offering them a variety of ways to contact you.

While websites are still a fairly new way to sell in the grand scheme of things, plenty of research has been done into the psychology of eCommerce website design, and what needs to be done to ensure your website has the greatest chance of converting. In today’s post, we’re going to look at some best practices you should employ when designing your eCommerce website so that your customers will keep coming back.

It’s important to keep it clean

You need your website to be a lot of things as an eCommerce business. This replaces a physical location your customers can visit, allows you to convert 24/7, and builds your credibility so that you stand out from the competition.

An unprofessional, messy website will scare customers away long before they discover your incredible brand story or find your perfect product.

Getting sales is the primary purpose of your website, so the fewer distractions you provide to your visitors, the better. This does not mean that you aren’t free to get creative, but that creativity should be used to make your website attractive, and professional, and make your products irresistible to customers. You will be glad you took the time to get this right.

Trust is worth talking about

Establish trust before you think about converting customers.

Even if you have the best products and industry-leading customer service, consumers are sceptics by nature. Internet users have become increasingly aware of malicious websites on the internet, and we all know the internet can be a dangerous place. You know you’re trustworthy, and we know you’re trustworthy, but what does the average customer think of you? It’s not that great.

You may have a hard time building trust if you’re just starting out. Once you realize what you need to do in order to build credibility, you can start pursuing it. Furthermore, you can start building trust the moment you design your website, so make sure you do so.

Your eCommerce website should be designed for success

Your eCommerce website should be designed for success

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Don’t you love a member of staff with a birthday!

Don’t you love a member of staff with a birthday!

Any excuse for cakes at Caged Fish, yesterday we celebrated the birthday of our graphics fella Mark

Love this picture from 9 years ago when we had Jack Daniels and Haribo at 10 AM

Just Halloween cakes today

Don't you love a member of staff with a birthday!

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How to Take a Break from Your Blog

How to Take a Break from Your Blog

Do you ever feel like you want to take a break from your blog, but you are afraid that you have created a monster that needs to be fed and that stepping away from it will mean the end for it?

It’s okay – you’re not alone.

There are times when we need to take a break from blogging – whether it be to go on a vacation, attend to something important in our family, get sick, or have an emergency.

Taking breaks is a good idea, but what should I do with my blog while I build a business?

7 options for bloggers who need a break.

  • The seven tips I’d like to share are:
  • Give yourself a complete break (your readers will benefit too).
  • Plan your content and social media before taking a break. Schedule your content
  • Highlight old content in your archives with a “best of” retrospective series.
  • Make use of Guest Bloggers or a team of Guest Bloggers
  • to blog on the go
  • Make use of lighter posts (like polls, discussions, curated embedded content, and links)
  • Or combine these methods
How to Take a Break from Your Blog

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Do you trust your web designer?

Do you trust your web designer?

If you think something you own belongs to someone else, what happens?
Check out your website thoroughly. The online storefront is the face of your business, how clients discover you, and the voice of your brand.
Imagine adding new content or making some essential modifications to reflect the way your business develops. It might be a special offer, a new service or a product.
In addition to the fees for your site’s design, development and hosting. What happens if you’re charged a substantial cost to do any of these things?
You don’t feel like your website is truly your own, do you? In a way, it’s similar to renting a space. Asking the landlord for improvements now and then and then being charged for it.
Our Leicester web designers believe that a company’s website belongs to that company.

We also provide Leicestershire with web design. There are, however, different kinds of web developers and designers. To make sure you get the best website design, be sure to read the small print.

I did pay for it
Some of the software that runs your company’s website is not protected by intellectual property rights. A designer may show that they received full payment, but a court will not accept this. If these rights are not included in your contract, you may not be entitled to them.
Updating your website effectively and efficiently does not require court proceedings.
It may be difficult to make arguments that indicate an intention to transfer ownership. During the process, the web designer is allowed to claim ownership of the website.
Ignoring intellectual property rights could cost your business a fortune every time your business website is updated.

Can you tell me what changes I need to make to my website?
If you think your site is fine the way it is, you may not understand all the fuss. You need to make your website more effective if you hope it will be a marketing tool.
Websites are never static because online businesses change constantly. Your web content, and perhaps its design, will need to change as your business changes and, hopefully, grows.
In the case of launching a new service or featuring your team, your website might feature your team, or you may have to add new members.
Additionally, to rank highly in search engines, you must update your website every week at least.
Are you marketing online in any way? Will your blog be uploaded to your website if it allows it?
To drive customers to a landing page, you might want to target a specific market or promote a new product or service.
To enhance their online presence and remain competitive, businesses regularly make changes and updates to their websites.
You’re increasing your business costs considerably if you must payout every time you want to make even minor corrections.
When it comes to making changes, some web designers don’t share their back-end login information with their clients.
There might be a fee for changing your hosting. Charges may apply if they let the site go to you. Choosing either course will cost you more than you’ve already invested in your website.
Buying and selling a business can have long-term implications as well: what if you want to sell?

Websites and Intellectual Property Rights
Make sure you have a properly drafted agreement to protect your intellectual property on your website.
In essence, if you plan on further developing the site as needed, you will need to be the one managing it.
There are various ways to view IP rights for a site. An Internet site comprises three elements: the design, the functionality, and the underlying software, database, or source code.
In addition to providing the content and logo for the site. Which are both generally protected under copyright laws. The customer does not have access to the source code for the site. With copyright over source code, the site can be used and developed in the future.
A customer must own or have a licence granting them specific rights to their website to guarantee they can control it.
There are some exceptions to the general rule that copyright belongs to the author. Unless you signed a transfer of rights in writing, a designer or design agency would own the copyrights to the source code.

Trust is at stake
Whether you need a website designed, developed, or managed, we are here to help you succeed online. We specialize in web design and development. This service aims to help you control what can and cannot be achieved with your website.
So we ensure it’s clear that your website belongs to you after we create, design and build it.
You can ask for help in future if you want it, but after we give you your site, we won’t hold you to anything.

Do you trust your web designer?

Do you trust your web designer?

Do you trust your web designer?

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Business Networking Leicester

It’s been an unusual time for business networking over the last two years; most of us took to Teams or Zoom to keep our business connections alive.

But happily, as restrictions are lifted, we are back to a regular meeting over breakfast on a Thursday morning

Unfortunately, our regular venue is not yet open, but please feel free to join us at Cafe Ventoux

Leicestershire-based business owners came together to form Working Breakfast. Working Breakfast aims to achieve two things:

Provide a platform for local suppliers to connect.
For the mutual benefit of generating new business together regularly.
As an organization that exists purely for its members, Working Breakfast is unlike other business networks. A surplus of funds will either be used to promote the group or for social events for members.

Imagine that you operate a business in Leicester, Oadby, Wigston, Great Glen, Lutterworth, Kibworth, or Market Harborough. If that is the case, you are welcome to attend one of our meetings and see for yourself what we do, talk to our members, and decide whether Working Breakfast can benefit your company. You can expect to get a steady stream of new business leads and reliable pre-approved suppliers if you join and provide good service to members and their associates.

If you are interested in attending a Working Breakfast meeting or learning more about this program, call 01858 46 99 88

Business Networking Leicester

Business Networking Leicester

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Why A Good Logo Is Essential For Your Small Business

Why A Good Logo Is Essential For Your Small Business

Just so we’re clear: your logo and website aren’t your brand. It’s how people experience and perceive your brand. Your brand is built through the actions you take (strategy). It’s the tangible image of your company (logo, typography, colours, etc.) that defines your brand.
Your logo is vital to your business because it communicates ownership, quality, and values. Your products, business cards, websites, social media, and, most importantly, your clients’ minds will be imprinted with it.

As one of the first interactions people will have with your business, your logo provides you with the chance to make a great first impression, show you deliver a quality service, and visually represent your goals.

Why do logos work so well?

An image or symbol that reflects your company name and represents your mission and vision is referred to as a logo. Your brand identity is based on what people see (what they will experience).
Logos are memorable, differentiate you from your competitors, and encourage brand loyalty. Here’s how. Your brand identity is symbolic. But why? It is your brand’s belief system, core values, purpose, mission, and vision that determine the value of your business. You want people to remember and to tell their friends about your writing, rather than your logo.
Logos aren’t important (except to designer types). Rather, the experience and philosophy of your brand are what your audience cares about. It’s not just about superficial appearances; good design has underlying meanings as well.

What is the purpose of a logo for your business?

People tend to stick with a logo that builds trust.
The website gives potential clients a better understanding of who you are, what you do, and the benefits it can provide. It shows that you do great work even to those without prior knowledge of your business.
People will undoubtedly question whether you can deliver your products and services if your logo looks unprofessional. Have you ever just clicked back because a company looked more legitimate than another? We make snap judgments, and we leave because of poor design.
To make sure your brand is remembered by consumers, create a logo that stands out. People’s emotions and memories are deeply connected to logos.
For example, let’s take a look at Nike. There’s nothing special about the swoosh. We have a strong connection to that symbol because we share their vision of improving the world through running. In defining their brand, they also created a logo that communicates their vision and gives them the ability to thrive. Your logo will be able to do the same for your business with consistent marketing over time.
Invest in your logo design. It’s important to increase your credibility and pulling consumers in.

A good logo, how do you make it?

If you want to connect with your audience quickly, your business logo needs to be easy to understand. To ensure your logo works across multiple media platforms and is effective at any size, keep it simple.
Most small brands lack the years of brand recognition that people associate with your business or a large marketing budget to help consumers understand what you do. As a result, your logo must convey who you are and what you do quickly.
When it comes to simplifying your brand to a single mark, there are many factors to consider. The best small business logos, however, include three things: clear typography, simple colours, and a visual element that stands out.
Your business values should be represented in your typography.

In creating a logo or brand, choosing the right typefaces and how they are arranged is just as important as colours, images, or graphics. But why? Words are associated with feelings because they rely on the way they look and what they say.
Emotional connections are triggered by strong branding. Typography should engage your audience, build trust, and inspire optimism. People may not even be aware that typography stimulates such feelings.
A person’s tone and personality can be conveyed through typography. Whether you choose something elegant, traditional, whimsical, or modern, pick typography that reflects what your business stands for.

Typography should be both pleasing to the eye and functional. Typography impacts user experience, so make sure your selection is thoughtful.
Ensure that your company name is clear and legible. Be mindful of how your logo will be used: it may be printed on screens, letterheads, signage, and packaging. Ensure it does not blur or become too small. Ensure that your typography and graphic elements are balanced in your logo if it contains an icon.
What level of visual appeal, communication, and representation is my typography achieving? If you answered no, maybe it’s time for a rebrand.

Make a wise choice of colours.

It has the power to determine how your logo is perceived and how consumers will react to it. Colour has the power to trigger emotions and give meaning. Colour can improve brand recognition up to 80% when used consistently throughout your marketing efforts.
Colours should be selected based on the industry and market you are aiming for. Certain industries are likely to stick to certain colours. Blue, for instance, communicates safety and reliability to financial institutions. Brands use blue to promote trust in their products and services.
You should choose the colour (s) based on the feelings and actions you wish consumers to experience. It is important to take into account human psychology, culture, trends, and context when choosing colours.

Your brand colour should tell a story. It should communicate your values and be unique enough to not be confused with others in your space.
The most powerful brands stick to a simple colour palette of less than three main colours. They also use solid colours rather than gradients. Keep in mind colour looks different on screen and in print. Make sure you can reproduce your colours accurately (Pantone, CMYK, RGB, Hex).

Use a simple iconic element.

Typography for the best brand names creates a mental image using words and acronyms. It is possible to do this with graphic elements as well as symbols and icons.
Visual elements make your logo memorable and add interest. Consumers must pay attention to it for 10 seconds so they can memorise it and form an opinion about it.
Designers create this by altering text or adding illustrations that can be used on their own. The illustrations should be original artwork instead of clip art. The habit of seeing the same thing will develop over time.

Your logo establishes your brand identity. Good design is important! People will be much more inclined to donate to you and tell their friends and family about you if you say nice things. Small businesses can thrive when they invest in branding. Got a branding question? Does your business require a professional logo? Please get in touch. Have you seen our logo designs?

Logo design leicester

Why A Good Logo Is Essential For Your Small Business

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Leicester digital marketing agency

Leicester digital marketing agency services.

Experience online success like never before with the full range of in-house digital marketing services. We offer proven results and are well connected to the city as a digital marketing agency in Leicestershire.
At our office in Market Harborough, our office space is always bustling with activity. In Leicester, Leicestershire, and beyond, we’re proud to have supported a wide range of SMEs. In addition to supporting Leicester’s growth as a young, up-and-coming city, Caged Fish is always mindful of the rich history and varied culture of the county.

You need a solid foundation to succeed in Digital Marketing.
Caged Fish is an SEO & Web Design firm based in Leicestershire
Our digital marketing solutions are tailored to all business sizes.
Multichannel marketing from Caged Fish creates a powerful impression along with trackable results so you can keep ahead of your competition while growing your business.

Are you looking for help from Caged Fish?
When it comes to our employees, we only hire the best of the best,
leaving you safe in the knowledge that we’re
doing everything that’s needed to help you succeed.

With an expertly crafted search engine optimization strategy, you can rank at the top of the search engines and be found by new customers.

Find out how an expertly crafted website can help you stand out from your competitors and offer a fantastic customer experience.

Leicester digital marketing agency

Leicester digital marketing agency

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Are you working from a cafe?

Are you working from a cafe?

Have you been trying to convince yourself that it was the right decision

The following reasons explain why it didn’t work:


You’ve already spilt milk twice on your laptop because the tables aren’t the right height and shape. If you sit on a high stool, a hard chair, or a sofa without lumbar support all day, your back will be killing you. We’re hardly allowed to spend an eight-hour working day here.


During a typical working day, 50 per cent of your brainpower is consumed by thinking about what snack you will have next. When you order four giant cookies, two carrot cake slices, and a tuna sandwich at a cafe that becomes 85 per cent, you have to endure the barista’s judgement.

Plug sockets

Last night, you slept while watching First Dates on your laptop, and it has a 13 per cent battery capacity. A smug bastard is playing games on his iPad with the volume turned up while he uses the only plug socket in the cafe. Your dwindling charge is so worrying you can’t concentrate on your work.
Although you escaped your own children, you are not immune to those of others. You’ll wish they were your kids because then you could scream at them to shut up when they’re throwing sugar packets at you or singing along to Mr Tumble.


There is absolutely no way you are going to make it through the morning without a trip to the bathroom. Make sure you take your laptop to smell ‘Eau de Starbucks shitter’, a potent combination of human waste and cleaning fluids. There is never a window.

People are staring

Isn’t it a little strange to be hammering away at a keyboard and talking on a wireless headset in a room where people are supposed to be drinking hot chocolate? Your every glare will be bemused, pity-filled, or contemptuous. The only face you see is the reflection of your own dead eyes. For you, hatred has become a valuable human contact.

Are you working from a cafe

Are you working from a cafe?

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Goodbye to another great, RIP Charlie Watts

Goodbye to another great, RIP Charlie Watts

It’s been a bit of a year for losing great musicians, the Rolling stones are one of those bands that are ingrained in our musical psyche. The quiet man at the back Charlie Watts left us this week, if you listen to the Stones in detail, it’s apparent that he was a lynchpin, his sold laid down style allowed the rest of the band to shine.

As a tribute today, we are running a charlie Watts playlist on the Office Stereo, I suggest you revisit some of this great man’s work!

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

Goodbye to another great, RIP Charlie Watts

Virtual business cards

Virtual business cards

Ever been to a business meeting? Reached into your wallet for a business card, and nothing in there but receipts.

This is always something that drives me mad, so we came up with this system

Got to our Vcard maker, fill in your contact details, add an image, press submit.

This will send you a QR code for print and create a page, so when the code is scanned, your customer gets a page with all your contact details and an option to download the Vcard to go straight into their contacts IOS and Android.

We can also put you in touch with a printer to provide the plastic cards (no minimums)

Virtual business cards

Give it a try, scan me below

Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website
Here are 8 big reasons not to use Wix for your business website

How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb?

How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb

Web site design Market Harborough

Here at Caged Fish it’s all about teamwork, here we see Caged Fish directors Steve and Garry getting stuck into some “Post lockdown” maintenance

On another point, if you’d like to “team-up” with us to create you a fantastic new website, online store or email marketing project, contact us HERE

How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb?

Web site design Market Harborough

The coffees always on, give us a call HERE

Welcome to the new team members

Welcome to the new team members

It was about time that we got the office fishbowl populated again, so we have taken delivery of the fine specimens, more to come to keep them company.

So pop in and say hi to the fish, have a great coffee and let’s discuss your next web design project.

Contact us HERE

Coffee by Jute
Fishtank by Biorb

Welcome to the new team members

The fish tanks looking empty

The fish tanks looking empty

After we came back into the office after lockdown the office tank was looking a bit sad. We lost our solitary fish so it was time for a good cleanout. Tanks clean, waiting for new rocks and filter today, then you can all meet the new fish.

The fish tanks looking empty

What3Words address

What3Words address

A quirky new website that’s given a 3 word address to every 3m2 has started showing up on the remarketing ads I see. It’s called What3Words and you can use their map to find your home/business etc and it creates a 3 word address. Ours at Caged Fish is;


What3Words address