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Leicester WordPress developers

Leicester WordPress developers

Over two decades of experience with WordPress gives us the ability to meet any request.


Plugins such as WooCommerce allow you to build online stores. Modifying it, adding extensions to it, or customizing current ones are all possibilities.


Your website would not be complete without plugins. Alternatively, we can design one completely from scratch or modify one that already exists.

WordPress Web Development

Using our expertise in Web Development, our experienced team will provide you with a responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly website design. WordPress has been a core part of our business for two decades, so we can deliver anything you need.

WooCommerce Development

It is easy to use for beginners and has many powerful features that have made it the leading eCommerce technology in the world. There are multiple eCommerce solutions available from Caged Fish to fit all of your business needs.

Leicester WordPress developers

Leicester WordPress developers

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Thank you Sir Clive Sinclair

Yesterday we said goodbye to a pioneer that probably got us to where we are now, Sir Clive Sinclair died at the age of 81.

Growing up the ZX Spectrum was the first experience of computing for many, Garry Aston Director at Caged Fish used to spend time with the pages of code. Look at where we are now..

An amazing list of inventions, The Spectrum, an affordable pocket calculator and the C5

I found out today he never used his inventions, instead of a calculator he always had a slide rule in his pocket, proper old school

“He released the ZX Spectrum 48K in 1982. Its rubber keys, tinny sound, and strange visuals didn’t hinder its development as a pivotal component of the British video game industry. In addition to Jet Set Willy, Horace Goes Skiing, Chuckie Egg, Saboteur, Knight Lore and Lords of Midnight, these much-loved games are now available in colour.”

Thank you Sir Clive

Thank you Sir Clive

A great reminder of how long we’ve been designing websites

I don’t know about all you guys; we’ve been taking the opportunity during lockdown to have a bit of a sort out.

We’ve had a new phone system and upgraded our internal systems to make our workflow better.

Digging through old paperwork, we came across the first load of Caged Fish accounts.

At the bottom of the box was this disc, excellent memory; this was the 1st year of using Sage accounts, we felt grown up.

We formed in 1999, but before then, a spreadsheet was our only friend.

I am framing this for the office wall, too good to throw away.

A great reminder of how long we've been designing websites

Web design for dentists

Web design for dentists

I was looking through our portfolio of clients recently and realised there is a business sector that we have worked for many times, what is that I hear you ask..


There are many companies out there offering “dental” websites; these normally look very similar to each other; why not engage us to create a stunning new website for your dental practice.

Original websites that are different from ‘identical’ dental websites.
Looking at it, there is very little that can be said about the originality of many dental websites.

There are so many practices to choose from out there, so is a patient more likely to choose a practice that appears original or another stock template type of site?

At Caged Fish Web design Leicester, we are real designers with a solid creative and business vision, so you receive high quality and stunning website that supports all of your digital marketing.

Web design for dentists

Some of our clients below (website, branding) (Branding, website, signage)

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Web design Leicester dentist

Animation for websites

Animations for websites

At Caged Fish we not only develop websites but we can produce animations for websites too.

Old Market inn Kettering

Old Market inn Kettering

We are pleased to launch the new site for the newly refurbished Old Market Inn in Kettering.

Built using WordPress CMS


Also great use of the .pub domain name.

The site can be viewed HERE

Old Market inn Kettering

Personal training loughborough

Personal training Loughborough


SEO new client, we at caged fish, are happy to work with Personal training Loughborough. This is exciting to work hand in hand with the client.


Watch this space for more information

Personal training loughborough