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SEO Leicester

SEO Leicester

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), let’s face it, everyone with a website would love to be found on page 1 of Google.

Align Your Content with Search Intent

Search intent is the purpose of every search query. getting to grips with search intent is Google’s ultimate aim. Pages that rank highly on the first page of Google have all passed tests on search intent. Some tips on optimising images below

Title Tags

Title tags are headlines that appear in search results and are critical from an SEO perspective.

According to Google

“Titles are critical to giving users a quick insight into the content of a result and why it’s relevant to their query. It’s often the primary piece of information used to decide which result to click on, so it’s important to use high-quality titles on your web pages.”

Search engines like Google typically display the first 50-60 characters of a title. Google will display the full title to your page as long as you keep your title tag under 60 characters.

Here are some other best practices to keep in mind 

  • Include your target keywords.
  • Write a title that matches search intent.
  • Avoid making duplicate title tags.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Keep it descriptive but concise.

Meta Descriptions

The second most crucial meta tag on a page is the meta description.

 A description is a summary of a page in SERPs displayed below the title

Meta descriptions do not directly impact , but they can influence click-through .

Google explains it: 

“A meta description tag should generally inform and interest users with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about. They are like a pitch that convince the user that the page is exactly what they’re looking for.”

Google typically truncates meta descriptions to 155–160 characters, so make sure you provide an accurate summary of your content while keeping it under 160 characters.


Optimize Your Images

Images play a crucial role in the user experience of visitors to your site. Chances are you spend much time selecting the right ideas to enhance your blog posts, product pages, and other pages on your site.

Do you spend an equal amount of time optimizing the images on your site? 

When used the correct way, images can contribute to your site’s overall SEO. 

Below are things you can do to optimize your images.

Choose the optimum File Format

Site speed is a ranking signal, and images are often the highest contributor to overall page size. 

The first step to optimising images is picking the best file format, 

Compress Your Files

The larger your files, the longer it takes the page to load, which is why it is important that you compress your images

There are several free tools out there that can help.

  • TinyPNG: TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG and JPEG files.
  • ImageOptim: If you’re a Mac user, you can download and use this free tool for all your image compression needs. ImageOption is a tool recommended by Google as well. It’s by far the best tool for compressing JPEGs, but not for PNGs. For compressing PNGs, you’re better off using TinyPNG.
  • ShortPixel: If you run your site on WordPress, you can install it to compress your images. ShortPixel’s free plan allows you to compress 100 images per month.

Provide Alt Text 

Despite advances in Google’s being able to understand images, adding alt text to images is still a necessity.

 Adding alt text to images improves accessibility

Here is what Google says about writing alt text:

“When choosing alt text, focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and is in the context of the content of the page.

Avoid filling alt attributes with keywords (keyword stuffing) as it results in a negative user experience and may cause your site to be seen as spam.”

When writing alt text for images, be concise in your description, and avoid stuffing your target keywords.

How can we help? SEO Leicester

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SEO Leicester

SEO Leicester

We cover all local areas, but hey, we’ve worked with companies and far away as Chicago

More about our SEO services HERE

Best website developer near me

website developer near me

Every decision that you make in life (especially choosing a local web designer), you have almost unlimited options available, the internet has made finding what you want more straightforward than ever before. Using Google, you type in what you’re looking for, in this example “website developer near me” and within seconds, you’re given a plethora of results right at your fingertips. Simple!

So how do you progress? A local company that comes up high in Google results, or a web design company at the other end of the country with a paid advert at the top of your search results? How do you make that choice?

You know you need a web design, but choosing the right company for your business will be based on many factors, including whether they are local or not.

Why choose a local web developer?

There are many reasons why “supporting local” has advantages, and for some, this will be a significant part of the decision-making process, but in reality, it comes down to where you feel comfortable.

Any web designer should be able to work with you, via email, telephone or Zoom, no matter where they’re based. At Caged Fis, we regularly work on projects with clients right across the UK and internationally. Getting the website you want shouldn’t matter whether your website designer is local or not

The plus points of using a local web company

1) Face-to-face meetings

For many people, face-to-face meetings are how they prefer to do business. If you’re local, then this is simple. You can arrange to sit down and go over everything you require, bring along any ideas and documents and get a good feel for your local developer. This becomes a little more difficult if you’re looking at a developer 1000 miles away.

2) Understanding the local market

If your business sells products and services locally, then working with a local company can bring added positives. They will know what the area is like and who your potential customers are likely to be. This first-hand knowledge can help position your website to the right audience.

3) Local testimonials 

By using a local company, they will have many customers and websites which they have created. A bonus of this is you’ll be able to see for who and what they have created and even contact your designer’s clients directly to get some feedback. You will also be able to ask businesses that you know if they have heard of any local web companies that are great to work with. Word of mouth becomes difficult if you’re the other side of the world

4) Business networking with your local designer

Also what’s also great about working with a local company is that they are already established within the local area by other companies. Being able to build local relationships and help each other out through opportunities when they come along. We have had many clients over the last 20 years we have recommended to other clients, and won them other work. Also, we have engaged in other projects on these recommendations from our clients also.

Factors will need to be considered when choosing are price, skill and timelines, but working locally may bring benefits to your next website project.

What are you waiting for?  give us a call. Contact

Contact Web design Market Harborough

Great article on supporting local businesses HERE

website developer near me

We cover all local areas, but hey, we’ve worked with companies and far away as Chicago

Best website developer near me

Website developer near me

Graphic design Leicester

Graphic design Leicester

Here at Caged fish, we pride ourselves in very visually beautiful designs,
most web design companies do not have any graphic design capabilities within the company
Our team of experienced illustrators and designers have in many years of experience between them.

So if we are engaged in your website design, and we need any graphics, icons, headers, we can build them in-house without any external clip art and the use of an additional designer.

We also can get engaged in every area of your graphic design, weather our logo station redesign total branding vehicle livery ET Cetera ET Cetera

Logo design

We have designed logos and branding for many clients; this starts at a straightforward pencil sketch, sometimes several pencil sketches to get a feel for your project. We will then take that into Photoshop when the design is finally approved. We will then go into adding colour schemes.


We have branded many businesses from the ground up in our 20 years of existence. It’s nice to get involved with a client from day one. See their brand evolve. We have one client we on three iterations of their brand design for this client we have created logos typefaces stationary vehicle livery actual shop signage.


Both the team guys are fantastic pencil, and illustration artists, anything you need we can create from the ground up, so why not give us a shout.


We are happy to supply examples of lots of work, so if you give us a call with your requirements, what industry sector you’re in, and we will be glad to oblige.


We prefer to work on a fixed fee rate for these jobs rather than an hourly charge. Upon supplying a brief and communicating with our designers, we are happy to give you a fixed cost from start to finish.


What are you waiting for?  give us a call. Contact

Graphic design Leicester

Graphic design Leicester

Great article on why you should use professional design HERE

Graphic design Leicestershire

We cover all areas of the Midlands, but hey, we’ve worked with companies and far away as Chicago

Graphic design Leicestershire

Graphic design Leicestershire

How much does a website cost in 2021?

How much does a website cost in 2021?

Your website is the most critical sales and marketing tool you have.

It’s the should be the centre of your marketing strategy, and it’s the first thing your prospective customers want to explore before making a purchase or even talking to you.

Now that most businesses understand the value of a business website overall is getting better. They’re faster, sleeker, mobile-friendly, and expected to be more useful. Great for the consumer but makes your job that much harder. 

We’re all forced to step up if we want to stand out from our competitors, which leads us to the inevitable project all modern businesses will face at one point or another — a website redesign.

The cost of a website redesign can vary tremendously from as low as a few hundred dollars if you do it yourself to millions of dollars for an advanced, custom-built website. 

Since businesses often have no idea how much they should pay for a website and what to expect, we’ve decided to try and answer that question.

Why web design costs have increased

Like everything else, the price of a website redesign mainly comes down to supply and demand. When the internet was still relatively new, businesses didn’t understand how valuable a website was, so they weren’t willing to pay a high price.

Today, a website is one of the first considerations a business makes when planning its launch. Many entrepreneurs narrow down their potential business names based on which domains are available and how the URL will look.

Of course, increased demand isn’t the only factor, however. 

Websites must be more advanced.

As time has passed, web designers have improved their techniques and access to much better tools. On the one hand, pumping out a decent-looking website is easier than ever with builders like Squarespace and WIX. On the other hand, building a genuinely first-class website presence requires more work.

The landscape is rapidly evolving — even more than in the beginnings of the internet. For example, it wasn’t until 2015 that Google announced that their search algorithms would show preference to mobile-friendly websites, even though web designers were preaching its importance since around 2009;

They knew that businesses need to deliver a better user experience, but eventually, Google would raise the standards looking at the growth of mobile buyer behaviour. At the time, mobile design was more complicated than it is today, and it was much easier for designers (and cheaper for their clients) to avoid it.

In today’s world, if your website doesn’t include mobile optimisation, Google is going to penalise you for it. 

Now websites also contain live chat so users can instantly get in contact with your company.

Not only has functionality changed, but the requirements to have an optimised website have become more rigorous. Focusing on page speed, accessibility, and user experience are more important than ever.

All of these factors can affect your website’s cost, but another major is the process or method behind its execution. 

In this blog, we’ll look at three of the most popular methods: building your website yourself with an online tool, hiring a freelancer, or hiring an agency.

The cost of doing it yourself

The building or redesigning a website yourself with a template is usually the cheapest option. It can range anywhere from a few hundred pounds to £3,000 or more, but the real “cost” here is the time and hassle.

Generally, the less money you spend, the more time and hassle you can expect to deal with to get the site how you want it — and it likely won’t be precisely how you want it to be without the ability to code.

New startups with limited budgets and no web developer often have to start small. ThemeForest offers tons of affordable website themes (mainly for WordPress) to choose from, usually cost around £200 to £100. 

Functionality, performance, and ease-of-use from those themes vary widely, including the level of customisation you can achieve, how easy it is to update the theme, and out of the box templates that are included. Once you find a theme that meets your needs, you’ll also have to make sure that it’s received positive reviews, has a strong track record and allows you to make edits without any technical skill.

Another popular option is a website builder such as Elementor, which is essentially an updated back-end editor for your website that you install on WordPress. This allows you to create content and edit the visual features of your theme with ease by giving you a variety of modules and widgets to level, each with its own unique formatting and styling options.

Once you’ve installed the framework, you’ll be able to select a theme to match the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve.

Their framework is a huge step up from the lower-priced themes on the market. They look great, are mobile-friendly, optimised for search engines, and easy to use. Take a look at their themes here — a lot of them will look familiar because tons of websites use them. 

You can start using Elementor for free, but the Pro level of £49 per year for one site gives you more robust widgets, templates, support, and more.


The cost of hiring a freelancer for a website redesign

The next level up from building your website is hiring a freelance website designer. Freelancers have various levels of talent and will charge accordingly. 

Depending on what your goals are, you should be able to find a freelancer that will charge anywhere from £1,000 to £5,000 

They will vary further depending on the experience of your freelancer and your project details. 

For example, if your freelancer is exceptionally talented and can build you a custom self-selection tool such as a product configurator, or you opt to go through a branding exercise with them, your costs may go even higher than that. 

When working with a freelancer, you can likely expect a design that looks good and functions well without any glaring flaws. They will probably take your ideas, come up with a few mock-ups for you to consider, and then they’ll build off of the one you like best.

In most cases, the freelance designer mainly focused on delivering aesthetic appeal you describe to them while suggesting certain features to improve user experience.

However, the downsides are that freelancers tend to be more hit-or-miss. The project might take longer if they are doing everything by themselves or are juggling multiple projects, and they might not offer much insight outside of design and development knowledge.

At the end of the day, if you’re not in the DIY type of mood, you’ll likely be able to find a freelancer to fit your budget, keep in mind that it will go up or down based on how big your project is. 

The cost of hiring an agency for a website redesign

The other option is hiring an agency to handle your website redesign, which gives you access to a team of seasoned experts who likely have experience with goals like yours and designing a website around them. However, as you would expect, a website redesign from an agency costs the most.

A more straightforward website redesign can run anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000 depending on the site’s size, whereas websites with a large page count, custom functionality, and more unique needs can cost much much more.

This may seem mad compared to the other options, but working with an agency goes much further than design. Agencies spend equal time on content, user experience, conversion rate, and everything else that makes your website an asset to your company and to achieve your goals. 

What sets an agency apart from most freelancers is the strategy that goes into building a fantastic lead-generating machine for you. 

A typical agency will work with you on your sitemap to understand the structure of your website and how the user journey is achieved.

You’ll be gaining access to a range of experts who can pull from their many years of experience with design, development, strategy, content, testing, SEO, not just a single resource.

Find the budget, bring in an agency!

 It’s worth your time to talk with some to see what options you have available. 

Continuous improvement 

Your site design or redesign launching, while a cause for joy, doesn’t mean you should move on to until you redesign again in three years. 

That’s another reason to consider an agency Growth-driven design. Growth-driven design is a process that helps you build a more robust project month over time using user data to help improve the journey.

What are you thinking? “This sounds expensive” well maybe, there is an investment to improve your website continuously. 

You can expect a monthly cost to achieve this.

How does content affect the cost?

Content is one of the essential parts of your website design. 

It gets your site to rank in the search engines, drives your user to take action.

Content when building your website yourself

If you’re going alone, map all of the pages out that you want your website to include, then write the actual content for each of the pages. Then, when you’re comparing website themes, you can pick out one that accommodates your content strategy.

Content when working with agencies

A lot of web designers will have a copywriter they work with, or they’ll be happy to work with someone that you hire yourself. Either way, ensure that both are on the same page because the process requires some real attention. 

Putting the price of your website into reality

Imagine a salesperson who works 24 7, pushing your business to prospects. Given the tools, this salesperson continually improves with minimal intervention on your part.

Whenever a customer wants information about your business when you’re sleeping, your main man is there with a smile and all the information.


How much does a website cost in 2021? Call us HERE

How much does a website cost in 2021

web developers Leicester

web developers Leicester

Looking for a web developer in Leicester look no further, here at Caged Fish we have a team of guys that love to work on projects large or small.

We also have a dedicated Graphic design department, comprising designers and illustrators.

All that sound good? It’s not all, we can also assist with your natural SEO (Google ranking)

And we can also help with setting up and managing Mailchimp campaigns

Shout if you need any info HERE

web developers Leicester

Online Pilates website

Online Pilates website

We’ve been working with Louise at  Studio 44 for a couple of years now.
It’s great to grow with a client and share their successes.

Louise is a fantastic Pilates instructor that decided she needed to take classes online to increase her business “reach”
The site manages all aspects on the subscription business along with members-only video feeds.

Check the site out HERE

Interested in something similar, contact the team HERE

Online Pilates website

Food delivery website

Food delivery website

We were approached by a local public house and restaurant facing the challenges of the recent lockdown. They decided to embark on a food delivery service.

We created a fully dedicated web app to overcome their problems
Features include

Auto address complete
Delivery applied to delivery distance
Limited order per time spots
Auto order print at kitchen level as the order is received
Fully optimised for desktop and mobile phone

Check out the site HERE

Contact for more details

Food delivery website
Food delivery app

eCommerce post Brexit, do you sell to the EU?

eCommerce post Brexit, do you sell to the EU?

Since we left the EU at the end of last year there seems to be a lot of confusion selling your products to Europe.

1st thing is the change to VAT
Next is custom declarations declarations

If you are selling to the EU via your online store, give us a call and we will see if we can help, we are already working closely with many of our clients

Contact us HERE
Further reading in this article. HERE

ecommerce post brexit

Serious about Coffee? We are!

Serious about Coffee??

Here at Caged Fish, we believe that life is too short for bad coffee, so if you ever visit (when allowed) you’ll be greeted with a fantastic coffee (or a tea if you prefer)
And our coffee comes from our wonderful customer Jute coffee

So what ya waiting for?  Call us and discuss your next project
Contact us here

Serious about Coffee

Click and collect web app

We were approached by a client recently with a very specific need, they supply merchandise to the PDC major darts tournaments.

Due to the Covid restrictions, the live tournaments have been on hold. Until this weekend when 1,000 darts fans are allowed into the Alexandria Palace.

However, the normal merchandise stands will not be in operation.

Instead, we have created a web application, accessed via QR code, allowing to buy the day’s merchandise to be collected from a safe environment.

Click and collect web app

Social media, is finding time to keep updated a nightmare?

I don’t know about you guys, the days seem to disappear in front of our eyes, as you all know keeping customers and potential customers informed is highly important.

We cannot stress how important it is to keep your content updated on your web site, then what next, FB, Twitter, Google business places, Linkedin? All highly important, but a thief of time.

So we here at Caged Fish have integrated our news feed into these channels.

So if you are reading this on one of the social channels, it’s probably been fed from our blog.

So how easy, a bit of a pain to set up at our end, but after that, if I write a news story, it automatically lands on

  1. Facebook page
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Business
  4. Linkedin page and personal

The social media purists will probably say that each medium needs different content, but hey, we are all busy right?

Social media, is finding time to keep updated a nightmare?

Online shopping Leicester

Online shopping Leicester

Online shop, e-shop, online store, eCommerce shop whatever you want to call it, from small shops to large fully integrated shopping systems. Using the well-established Woocommerce platform ( over 28% of all online stores use this as we speak) built within the easy to use hugely popular CMS WordPress, where you can upload and edit your products and content. We design and build Online stores custom-built for your business where users can buy products, show products with or without prices or even allow users to download content after the sale.

Upon completion of an online shop project, Caged Fish provides a personalised suite of tutorial videos showing how to operate the websites administration area.
I found a great guide to online shopping at, random I know HERE

Check out our services here

Online shopping Leicester

#1 Web site design Leicester

#1 Web site design Leicester

If you are looking to get a new website or your existing site updated look no further than Caged Fish web design based in Market Harborough Leicestershire.

We pride ourselves on visually strong and functional designs.

We have a team of web ninjas including graphic designers, WordPress experts and an SEO skill set.

We have a proven track record in shopping sites, advising many of our customers to great sales.

This is a fascinating article about web trends, full article on the link below:

Mobile-first design will be the way forward.

Upon waking, what’s the first thing most people do? Be honest; you most likely check your mobile phone. Most millennials check their phone a vast 150 times per day.

More than 50% of all searches are on a mobile device, and nearly 95% of those mobile searches happen via Google. So, you need to prioritise a mobile-first approach to your business, wake up and smell the coffee

A mobile-first approach has seen incredible growth for obvious reasons, but it is interesting to note that in July 2019, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing. According to Google, mobile-first indexing means “Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.”

Historically, the index used the desktop version to evaluate the relevance of a webpage to a visitor. Since the majority of users now access Google Search via a mobile device, Googlebot now primarily crawls and indexes pages via the smartphone agent.


#1 Web site design Leicester

#1 Web site design Leicester

Latest Wine delivery Rugby site launched

Wine delivery Rugby

Fantastic project this for a great company

This companies main business is in beer and wine wholesale, but due to Covid lockdown a big area of the business was affected

So a plan was hatched, a home delivery service online within a 30-mile radius. We employed a system that checks whether the delivery can be made using a postcode search.


Check out our portfolio HERE

Latest Wine delivery Rugby site launched

Kettering Vets new website

Kettering Vets new website

Launched last week we are very proud to have worked with a new Vets practice in Kettering. The client had a very clear view of the business model and was a dream to deal with. Best of luck with the new venture guys.


Kettering Vets


Check out our portfolio HERE

Kettering Vets new website

Brilliant New Client – #1 Bespoke pin badges- Badgeman

Bespoke pin badges

Excellent little project this, we were tasked with creating a brochure web site for Badgeman. They supply custom pins for clubs, schools and anyone needing something designed just for them.

Contact us HERE to find out more

They recently supplied a badge for our client Epic Rally, and Chris was over the moon with them.

Brilliant New Client - #1 Bespoke pin badges- Badgeman

The fish tanks looking empty

After we came back into the office after lockdown the office tank was looking a bit sad. We lost our solitary fish so it was time for a good cleanout. Tanks clean, waiting for new rocks and filter today, then you can all meet the new fish.

The fish tanks looking empty

#1 SEO Market Harborough Leicestershire

#1 SEO Market Harborough Leicestershire

For over 20 years, the Team at Caged Fish Web design has been helping those in and around Leicestershire improve their SEO. Market Harborough is where we are based, and we’re frequently involved with local businesses to enhance site visibility.

Companies large and small come to us with the intention of increasing the traffic their site acquires. By using many of our specialist techniques and methods, we’re able to increase a site’s visibility on search engines such as Google orBing.

Search Engine Optimisation can sound scary if you’re new to it, but it’s relatively simple.

By making some changes to your site and giving you some training, you’ll be able to improve your visibility. Of course, this is not a quick process, but we can be on hand to help.

There are two main areas to a good SEO campaign. Our SEO Market Harborough Leicestershire crew will take care of your on-page SEO, which includes textual content, keywords, and code, as well backlinks that point back to your site.

A successful campaign will need both of these things, which is why we don’t skip them.

If you want to have a read yourself on what’s needed, have a read HERE

To understand more about SEO, call us on 01858 469988 or message us using the Contact feature on this site.

More info HERE

#1 SEO Market Harborough Leicestershire

#1 SEO Market Harborough Leicestershire

WordPress website design Leicester

WordPress website design Leicester

Looking to have a WordPress site developed in the Leicestershire area look no further than Caged Fish Web Design.

Our team of Graphic designers and developers have many years of experience of designing, building and maintaining the popular CMS.

We are also on hand to update and care for your project along with fantastic in house SEO skills.

Why not give us a call HERE

CMS website design Leicester

WordPress website design Leicester
CMS website design Leicester

# 1 cheap website design Leicester

#1 cheap website design Leicester

So you need a website for your business?

Budget tight?

A few things to consider.

  • Do you want to be able to update the site yourself?
  • Is Google visibility a consideration?
  • Do you want to sell goods and services online?
  • Would you like to take bookings?

Caged Fish has been in the business of creating websites that are both visually pleasing and functional for over 20 years.

Please contact us for an informal no-obligation chat, the kettle is always on if you want to drop in, contact us HERE

We have created a document with questions you should be asking of your web designer, you can download the document HERE

Interesting blog piece HERE

1 cheap website design Leicester

No 1 eCommerce website design Leicester

No 1 eCommerce website design Leicester

Caged Fish web design, develop and market best practice eCommerce websites using WooCommerce.

We will help you get and convert visitors into buyers to boost your online revenue.
We deliver extraordinary eCommerce solutions that create substantial shifts in ROI through improved usability, increased traffic and conversion rate optimisation.

Read more eCommerce website design Leicester

Best practice article HERE

No 1 eCommerce website design Leicester

Web Design Leicester

Web Design Leicester: web development Leicester

Why not hire professionals from one of the top web design agencies in Leicester. Though our clients are based all over the Midlands and the UK, we enjoy working with local Leicester companies to assist with their web development needs. If you’re looking for web development Leicester, read on to find out how we can help you.

Visit our portfolio to see some of our success stories HERE

One of our fantastic new sites Epic Rally web design Leicester

Web Design Leicester

Mince Pie 2018

Mince Pie 2018
Aldi - Specially Selected1821182533p82
Asda - Extra Special - Crumble2824161133p79
Tesco Finest3125293028p115
CO-OP irresistable2929302433p112
Lidl Deluxe - Butterscotch2122232233p88
Sainsburys - Iced Tops2020191627p75
Sainsburys - Taste The Difference2617283033p101
Morrisons - Shortcrusts916191624p61
Mr Kiplings1711142117p63
Aldi Black Forest107102233p49
Aldi Salted Caramel2627162833p97
Tesco Lattice Topped2329252933p106
Aldi Frangipane2622202533p93
Farndon Fields3231322450p119
Lidl Deluxe2222292623p99
CLIENT - Constantina’s home-made2024931FREE84
M&S Traditional2823251830p97
M&S Iced Top2522221833p87
M&S Frangipane2322272242p94
Sainsburys Deep Filled2121252117p88
Tesco Iced Top131461820p51
Sainsburys Shortcrust (x4)25p
Mince Pie 2018

Cheap website design Leicester

Cheap website design Leicester

We get many phone calls that seem to be concerned about price first when considering a web design-build

We at Caged Fish Web Design like to make sure that your project is “fit for purpose.”


  • What’s your target audience?
  • Have you identified a call to action?
  • Ecommerce, have you worked out your product flow

What we like to do with our clients is assist in this process, is it cheap? All depends on the size and scope of the project

Please give us a call HERE, no-obligation, chatting to us doesn’t cost a thing

Cheap website design Leicester

Good advice HERE

This is worth a read if you’re looking for a Cheap website design Leicester

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Web Designer
By avoiding generic website builders and amateur designers you’ll save your company countless hours and inevitable heartache. I know, I know, everyone has a cousin or a neighbour who claims to be a budding designer and is willing to take on your project for £500.

As tempting as it may be, you could potentially be getting yourself into a sticky situation.

I know where my bias lies, as I am a designer myself but honestly you are better off leaving it to the professionals. Designing a website can be a complex task; filled with questions like…Is this font web safe?

Does this logo adhere to my company’s brand standards? How many levels of navigation should I include? Why put yourself through the game of 20 questions when a pro can take it all off your plate?

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a designer is the best practice when looking to build a professional website (without the hassle).

You will save time – a designer knows more efficient, effective ways to design a reputable site. A seasoned designer knows the right questions to ask, and where to start; leaving out the guesswork and the delayed timelines. By streamlining the process, your big website overhaul starts to feel like a manageable task with the help of a professional designer.

You get a snazzy custom design – a professional designer can create something unique to you. Websites are a dime a dozen, so having a website that fits your business without the cookie-cutter approach is going to be a huge asset to your overall image. A well-designed site will give you a leg up on your competition and will make a great first impression.

Your site will deliver a better user experience –  As a professional in the industry, designers are trained and well versed in what your users want. Making an overall user experience that suits your audience will be a big benefit. The more intuitive the design, the more user friendly. By keeping your users in mind your business will seem more trustworthy and reliable.

You will keep up with technology – You shouldn’t have to know all the latest and greatest web techniques, you just want your site to utilize them. A good designer can take into account the best of web practices, and incorporate functionality and technology that will work for a business’s web presence.

You’ll stay on message – Whether it is finding a way to incorporate news articles pertaining to your industry, or graphics and photos that reflect your overall brand message, designers can keep your company on message and on-brand. Your visual presence is just as important to your message as the content itself, (a picture is worth a thousand words kind of deal). Finding the right photography, and implementing well-designed graphics can emphasize your personality and professionalism.

Hiring a professional designer can help you achieve your goals while staying on budget and on message. As easy as it may be to hire your high school neighbour, shopping around for a well-qualified designer can help you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to snoop around, or ask for some previous work examples.
This can really get you up to speed on their design style. Just take it from the designer herself, a professional will always be happy to share their work and is excited to start a new project!

Cheap website design, is that what you really want?

Before and after | Web site design Leicester

Lovely quick makeover on a clients site. Bowcrest marine broker dutch barges and wanted a makeover to assist in the admin of the site

Before and after | Web site design Leicester
Before and after | Web site design Leicester